Princess Meera

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Dozing by the fireside on a chilly night was one of Princess Meera’s favourite pastimes.

Princess Meera Storybook Series 1
Princess Meera

Storybook Series 1

Princess Meera is the first book in a series for young readers. Introducing a cat from a Royal family, who live among the stars in the night sky.

Princess Meera

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Princess Meera Notebook

Princess Meera - Notebook

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Princess Meera Onesie

Princess Meera - Onsie

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About the Author

Jeannette Langenstrass was born and grew up in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). She lives on a plot in South Africa where she has been for the last 30 years. Now that she is a Grandmother of 5 she has finally found the time to write her first children's storybook.