Glasses!!!! The bane of my life

Glasses!!!! The bane of my life. Who hasn’t put a pair down and then struggled to find them? Busy with something and put them down for a minute, move on to the next task and there you are!! Lost glasses!! Retrace your steps several times and eventually you spot them. Such frustration – wasting time and energy.

Hanging them from a cord around my neck doesn’t help me as I find they break fairly easily. I solved my problem by buying several pairs and keeping them in strategic places around the house. Another common problem is losing them only to be informed that they are on top of my head. That is now the first place I check.


One day I needed to go shopping. I grabbed my bag and glasses and off I went. At the shops I wandered around selecting the items I needed from my list. Shopping completed I didn’t need my glasses anymore. I took them and pushed them up onto the top of my head. Oh No!! How humiliating!! I already had a pair on top of my head. Cringing with embarrassment I whipped the second pair off and into my bag. I can just imagine what people thought seeing me wander around with both pairs on.

One night I was ready to settle down to some TV viewing and set off on my search for my glasses. I searched all over before spotting the pair next to my husband on the bedside table. I took them and sat down in front of the TV but the picture was rather blurred. I quickly rinsed them under the tap. No difference! I soaped and then rinsed them and shone them up. The TV was still blurred. I thought “This is terrible, I really need to get my eyes checked”

Just then Hubby came along asking if I had seen his glasses. I went to help but we had no luck. Suddenly he looked at me and said “YOU are wearing my glasses”. What a laugh and what a relief to know my eyesight had not deteriorated overnight.

Getting older is definitely not for Sissies!

The End of my World | My Story

I am so depressed! No internet! I feel like it is literally the end of the world. Never realized just how much I rely on the internet. It sounds crazy but if you go away for a holiday then it is awesome not having internet. Have stuff you got to do but have no internet. Now that is a whole other story.

Think about it on an average day – how much time do you spend on the internet? Checking email, posting on social media, all stuff we didn’t have in the past but now we somehow can’t function without. Watch tv online? Well now you have no tv, no email, no contact with the outside world at all. Its absolute devastation to the core of your very being. My work requires me to work on the internet and spend a lot of time on it. Take internet away and boom. No way of working. It is very serious and problematic for me. Continue reading “The End of my World | My Story”

Grass Please Grow

Further to my post about little Ruby Rose who doesn’t realise she is a pampered pooch and just can’t keep clean.

Spring day arrived with a bang and such beautiful weather but just a week later we hit a heat wave. Unbelievable from winter to full blown summer overnight. The intense heat was draining and combined with the strong winds slowed down the grass greening up. This resulted in the dry grass around for longer than expected. My little Ruby Rose (Skollie) made the most of this situation and indulged in much rolling around in the dust and dry grass. She was in seventh heaven but I despaired at the task of keeping her clean enough to be in bed with me. She has had constant baths and now does not like coming into the bathroom just in case it’s bath time again. Continue reading “Grass Please Grow”

Why are Doves the Most Stupid Birds Ever?

I find myself asking a very important question. Why are Doves the most stupid birds ever? You might be asking yourself why I would think they are so, well it’s simply in their nature. Today I walked out the door into the back yard and noticed Gabbana, my sausage dog sitting in front of a dead tree looking up. Continue reading “Why are Doves the Most Stupid Birds Ever?”