Colouring Book for Graphic Designers

I am currently working on my first colouring book aimed at fellow graphic designers. I have enjoyed sourcing and putting the pages together as I have found it is not easy finding something to help us designers. Here is a sneak peek of my current progress. I hope that you will be inspired to give me your feedback.

The pages will be simple to print, colour and hang on your wall or keep in a file.

What is the point of a Graphic Designers colouring book?

  • To inspire you in your work
  • Help make good colour choices
  • A good reference for choosing colours
  • Have fun colouring in and learning or re-learning some colour points in graphic design

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Adult Colouring Page – Progress on Floral Design

I am very excited to share this with you. Today I got a chance to start my adult colouring page using the floral design I created.

My first adult colouring page progress

Sapphire was far too eager to assist with getting my pencils and spreading them out so that I could see them all. I had to calm her down before she thought they were sticks and starting chewing them up. This would have been a rather tragic turn of events but luckily she decided that it was not sticks and that posing next to them would be more fun. She does make for Continue reading “Adult Colouring Page – Progress on Floral Design”