Spreading our Wings and Flying into the Gaming World

Zoo Tycoon Bears

I am super excited to share with you, my new gaming venture. Stepping into this new world of gameplay, starting with Zoo Tycoon is a big step into previously untouched lands.

Zoo Tycoon Start Menu Gaming
Screenshot of Zoo Tycoon Start Menu

Why Zoo Tycoon for Gaming?

This specific game is simple yet challenging and oh so addictive. It is also a great option for children (old enough to read that is).

This first gameplay video is all about familiarizing yourself with the interface.

Zoo Tycoon Bears Gaming
Screenshot of Zoo Tycoon Gameplay – Bears

What makes Zoo Tycoon a great game?

I love the different animals and how you need to create your exhibits to suit each type of animal. Their likes and dislikes are very realistic they can also get angry if they do not like their environments. The actual zoo needs to turn a profit to keep going and upkeep costs, salaries all that is important to a profitable zoo. If you have no restrooms, benches, drinks stands or food stalls the guests will leave and you will lose potential profits.

It’s very important that every aspect of your zoo is thought out because if you not careful you could lose guests, your profits can plummet and your animals can get really angry.

If your animals are angry guests will get upset and leave, this for me is a very real world scenario which makes for a more enjoyable game.

Zoo Tycoon Mammoths Gaming
Screenshot of Zoo Tycoon Gameplay – Wooly Mammoths

Let’s make this a great youtube channel

You can help make this youtube channel great by:

  • Sharing your opinion
  • Making suggestions on games you want to see
  • Letting me know if there is a specific animal you want to see in the zoo
  • Asking me questions about the game

This video is only ‘Part 1‘ of the Zoo Tycoon gameplay so keep your eyes peeled. Like the video on youtube and subscribe to the channel so that you know when the next video is uploaded.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Have a great weekend!

Author: Diane Marais

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