My New Roof Truss Campaign

Imali Roof Trusses needed to update their advertising strategy as the Google Adwords campaign was no longer working as well as it had been. They had no Social Media profiles so I decided to rectify this for them. The website had also never been updated since 2014.

Armed with the following information I started on my journey with Imali.

What is Imali Roof Trusses about?

Imali Roof Trusses services are vast and we have the capacity to service a variety of customers, from domestic homes to large complexes and shopping malls. We aim to establish long lasting relationships with all of our clients and this is achieved through our reliable, trustworthy and efficient services. As a customer orientated business, the Imali team offer a friendly service, always willing to answer client queries and provide professional results.

What makes Imali Roof Trusses Unique?

Imali Roof Trusses is proud to own the only factory in South Africa that has been fitted with the most advanced Automated ALS saws. These saws are guaranteed to ensure the most accurate cuts. The assembly is performed on solid and jigged steel tables and are completed in a sophisticated roller press. Our factory staff are highly trained and skilled in their field and guarantee quality workmanship at all time.

Where to start?

They already had a website so the most important starting point was Social Media.


I am no rookie to a Facebook Business page but, this is a very specific type of product. It was clear that we needed to get them out there and make an impact.

Facebook Profile Picture is the logo with Roof Trusses in the background.

Imali Roof Trusses Facebook Profile Picture
Imali Roof Trusses Facebook Profile Picture

The current cover photo is promoting their main line of business (Roof Trusses) and a link to the newly updated website.

Imali Roof Trusses Facebook Cover Photo
Imali Roof Trusses Facebook Cover Photo

The promotions have brought in some interaction on the page. This is still a work in progress as is always the case with social media. I have been promoting them on local Facebook Groups to get more interaction and build customer awareness.

Imali Facebook Page


I post new content on a regular basis. I have not created any ad campaigns for Twitter yet.

The Twitter Profile Picture is the same as the Facebook one with a slight difference in the cover photo.

Imali Roof Trusses Twitter Cover Photo
Imali Roof Trusses Twitter Cover Photo

Imali Roof Trusses Twitter Page

The Website

The website that they had was using the WordPress platform. I opted for the Twitter Bootstrap Platform as I like to be able to access the code and have more control over the design.

Imali Roof Trusses Original Website Design
Imali Roof Trusses Original Website Design
The new Imali Roof Trusses website design
The website that I designed for Imali Roof Trusses

Imali Roof Trusses Website

Author: Diane Marais

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