My Journey in Web Design

web design with all the coding languages used

I absolutely love all aspects of design and originally started web design having no idea what I was doing and taking a short course in Web Design using Dreamweaver. I loved the course but you could really tell by the websites I was putting out that I was a full on amateur.

My determination never stopped though, I had to be able to create a web site that was both fully functional and looked good. I started with XHTML and CSS in Dreamweaver and spent hours breaking my pages with lines of code that didn’t work and trying to keep up with trends. Way back in the day I became an Associate in Dreamweaver CS5, it was a really proud moment I got a distinction, learned about HTML5 and CSS3 but this was far from the end of the journey for me.

Simply having a pretty certificate wasn’t enough for me, I needed more. If I had to tell you I am an expert web designer would you believe me? I wouldn’t. Here’s why, the digital world is constantly evolving, new trends are being set, new code being written nobody is ever truly able to call themselves an expert and be satisfied with that.

There was one point that everyone was raving about software that allows anybody as in like ANY BODY to create their own websites with no knowledge of design at all. I’ve seen some of these serious fails, all this in an attempt to save a bit of money. I thought about this and decided to create my own content management system. There was however one very big problem with this idea, I only knew HTML and CSS and how to make things look nice.

After researching all the different coding languages which by the way isn’t by any means quick. I had no idea that it could be quite so complex but I was determined. I looked at Java, PHP, Ruby-on-Rails, ASP they all had their pros and cons. PHP seemed to be the best fit for me. Due to its complexity I felt overwhelmed. After much reading of php books and watching online videos on the coding language I got a handle on things and really honed my skills.

Today I can say with great pride that I have indeed created my own content management system. Built to be very simple yet functional. I have incorporated this content management system on a website I have designed and developed myself This website however is in a new phase of development and getting a whole new look with integrating Twitter Bootstrap another new tool I have recently started using.

Tool Save is adding a new product range – product pages on the website will highlight all the information on each individual product, a far more appealing design will be implemented as well. There is also a possibility that Tool Save is going to integrate a shopping cart on their website in the next year or two. This is all very exciting and means that my content management system is in fact a great tool.

I do however feel that my skills as a web designer/developer can only grow and develop as I progress in this field. This crazy little idea for a content management system has become something beautiful.

The next time you get a crazy idea in your head, you should embrace it and just go with it and see where it leads you. I’m not saying every idea you have is going to be great or work out but if you have a good feeling about something and don’t go with it you’ll always be left wondering ‘What If’. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and make your crazy idea an amazing reality.

Author: Diane Marais

Designer | Youtuber | Photographer. I am a passionate creative who lives, breathes, eats and sleeps creativity. Interests: keeping on top of the latest technology, gaming, web design, photography, social media, graphic design and marketing. My Aspirations: putting a smile on your face with my creative designs. To be a leader in the industry.

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