My latest Series on YouTube

This is so exciting, I am becoming something of a director in this new series. The storyline, the video editing, I do it all. My characters do exactly what I want them to do, well most of the time anyway.

So who are the stars of this new series? Well they live in the Sim world I created in Newcrest. There is a reality TV series feel to it.

What inspired this series?

I have been playing Sims and enjoyed building houses and creating new Sims but wanted something more. I have some speed builds on my channel already. While watching TV the other day I was intrigued by how many reality TV shows there actually are. Watching one here and there I found myself critiquing everything in it, why didn’t they do this? Say that? This would have made it more enjoyable.

Where did I start?

This is my favourite part, the part you actually decide you going to do something and you follow through. I started with the idea of having several families and do something like the ‘Housewives of’ type of feel but with more depth and that is more relatable.

It was around Christmas time that I started and decided to create the Claus family, because who is more well loved then Santa himself?

Simply creating Santa and Mrs. Claus wasn’t enough they needed a family but also to be caring and selfless. This inspired the following storyline for them.

The Claus Family Storyline

Santa and Mrs. Claus are a loving couple and very good parents. They have had two children together Nicolas and Holly.
Having found a child abandoned on the streets one Christmas they adopted him and called him Camron. They have educated him and loved him as one of their own. He has blossomed into a loving and responsible little boy.
Mrs. is a stay at home mom fussing over her children and occasionally writing books. Santa is a novelist and loves his job. He has worked his way up the career ladder and always strives to improve himself.
He has encouraged his sons to do well in school which they have done. They always get their homework done and keep their grades up.
They have the cutest little dog, Speckles and she is really a big part of the family and absolutely adores the children.

That was the first family created, I then needed to get the video ready to introduce them. It was a processĀ  – who are they? How do I want to portray them to the world? I had a lot of fun directed my family and cutting scenes that didn’t work. It is a lot more work being a director then I realized, it is very rewarding though.

The Tanner Family Storyline

Amber and Deacon are high school sweethearts and had their first child Katrina in high school. They are a very loving family and have big dreams. The couple want to open their own Vet Practice one day and have their eyes set on the Vet right next door to them.

They want to raise their daughters with love and to be kind and caring. They are very lenient on Katrina when it comes to homework and are happier to spend quality time together than pushing their little girl.

The Claus family live right next door to them so they are very close and look out for each other.

The Anadin Family Storyline

Kayla and Mark are proof that opposites attract. Mark is a bit of a goofball and has a budding athletic career. Kayla is a family orientated and ambitious stay at home mom slash freelance programmer.
Their son Brent is a social butterfly and determined to be the top student in his class.
They have the most loyal dog companion Woofs, a beautiful Cocker Spaniel.

The Carr-Smythe and Jones Family Storyline

This was my favourite storyline as I feel that they bring something very real to Newcrest. The story is more intriguing to watch as we are all wondering…. What will happen next? Will Melody and Junior be good parents and will they pull themselves together for their unborn child? Is it going to be a boy or girl? How involved will the Carr-Smythes be? Will they kick them out and keep the baby or will they support them?

Parents Edward and Sophie Carr-Smythe are snobs and don’t approve of their daughter Melody’s life choices.

She had married Junior Jones much to her parents horror. Junior and Melody are currently recovering from substance abuse and Melody is pregnant.

Edward and Sophie have built a little place for Junior and Melody on the back of their property. They are hoping that the two get their lives in order ready for the baby coming and want to help out for their grandchild.

Finally there will be one more family in this series. We will be meeting them on Wednesday. Get involved. Comment on the episodes with your opinions. What do you think the families will be doing next and what do you want to get from this series? Subscribe to the channel to ensure you don’t miss an episode.


Author: Diane Marais

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