Know your Niche

In my previous blog post I told you about Niche – a genetics survival game. I spoke about how I came to find it and how I fell in love with the game. I told you about the demo version and shared my video on the demo. The version 0.4.1 was where ‘The Pixcy Pack’ was born.

In this post I will introduce you to the new release version 0.6.1 of Niche.

Using the easy mode we play the Peaceful Meadows Sandbox. We start with Taku and Rela, I probably pronounce their names wrong but I think that it makes it more fun to play with the pronunciation.

Taku and Rela on the Peaceful Meadow Island of Niche
Taku and Rela on the Peaceful Meadow Island

What I have noticed in this version of Niche – a genetics survival game

  • Our creatures start off hidden in the grass.
  • They close their eyes when their turns are up and they sleep.
  • The shadows are so realistic in how they move into a new day. The direction of the sun etc.
  • There are more textures in the tiles.
  • The range of plants, grasses and reeds have expanded and include carnivorous ones.
  • The interface has changed.
  • It is more complex to use mutations and making educated decisions on the mutations menu is more challenging as careful thought is now required.
  • The mutations options have expanded.
  • Some rogue males run around making the females pregnant.
  • If you find a baby bearyena you can tame it.
  • There is an icon showing when a female is pregnant.
  • The colour of the gems on their chest can be changed to a few different options.
  • If you want to change their names it’s very easy to do so. I like the names they are given so I don’t really use this feature.
  • There are different worlds each having their own animals and predators suited to that environment.
  • I really like the way you are able to hunt for a wider variety of animals.

Whats next for us?

This is the most exciting part of all. I intend on creating some family trees, sharing the unique traits and mutations we stumble across in our gameplay. I will be working on some fan art as I am a huge Niche fan. If you have any fan art you want to share, please share it in the comments or post it on my social media for me to share.

There will also be loads more videos coming out on youtube for the Niche series. We will explore the different islands together, from Peaceful Meadows and Grass Adventures in the Easy Islands to the Rainforest and Swampy Hill Islands in the Medium Islands Sandbox.

What are you waiting for? Start watching the Peaceful Meadows series below.

In conclusion

The new features and changes that Niche has made are fantastic to say the least. I am so excited about this game. It is unlike anything I have ever played before. There are so many games out there now that it’s not easy to find something new, something that has never been done before. Niche has done what some thought was impossible. I am super impressed and look forward to seeing where they go and how they develop as a company.

Author: Diane Marais

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