Get your Dose of Doggy Cuteness

Sapphire playing with a ball

I know you have all been intrigued by my first post and want more, you are also asking yourself why I have not added a photo of my dog Sapphire? Well now you can stop holding your breath, the wait is finally over.

Today I am sharing some photos of Sapphire with you and yes just as you suspected she is absolutely gorgeous. She was feeling playful with her ball this morning but soon got distracted with some exploring in the garden. Her favourite thing as with all dogs I am sure is barking but as her second favourite is exploring and sniffing all the exciting smells the world has to offer. She spent her time being a right “Dora-the-Explorer” (I have never watched the cartoon myself although I do use the phrase often with Sapphire as I find it rather catchy).

Sapphire playing with a ball
Playing with her ball
Sapphire posing for the camera
Posing for the camera
Sapphire eating grass
Eating grass
Sapphire looking through the grass
Looking through the grass
Sapphire licking her lips at the prospect of catching a fly
Licking her lips at the prospect of catching a fly

Author: Diane Marais

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