Fitbit Crazy

We have joined and are now hooked. There is no hope left!!!!!

The fitbit craze is not reserved for only us
The fitbit craze is not reserved for only us

Seeing Fitbits on special we decided to treat ourselves – only to see how many steps we actually do in a day – and join the current craze.

To start off it was friendly rivalry between the two of us to see who had the most steps by the end of the day. BUT!! Then I learnt how it all works and saw the 9 of 9 on the screen and why my Fitbit buzzed hourly.

I then checked constantly how my steps were progressing as the day wore on and we started comparing with each other and then with others.

Before we realised it we were hooked. Every hour from 9 we take time out to get some more steps in and make sure the next number in the ‘9’ table is reached to achieve the final satisfying “9” of “9” flashing.

Luckily we have a large garden to walk around and long passages that rack up the steps quickly. We now also walk around the top of the plot at least twice a day to make sure we achieve our daily goals – a minimum of 1000 steps each time.

Little yellow flowers in the garden
Little yellow flowers in the garden


When it rains – what a Disaster!! But we still rush out to walk in between the downpours- if it’s not too muddy. We laugh about our obsession but definitely enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the total of our steps increase as the day progresses.

The dogs and neighbours must wonder what is going on with all the walking around now. The benefits are great though. All the exercise with the added bonus of sunlight and fresh air is great. Plus we get to enjoy the garden and veld flowers too. We also get to discuss ideas while walking.  All in all a big improvement on sitting in front of a computer or cleaning house.

What’s not to like about the Fitbit – and to think we only joined the craze the beginning of October. Hard to believe this is only our 4th month. I must admit though that Fitbit now rules our daily routine.

Here’s to many more wonderful Fitbit hours.

Author: Jeannette Langenstrass

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