The End of my World | My Story

I am so depressed! No internet! I feel like it is literally the end of the world. Never realized just how much I rely on the internet. It sounds crazy but if you go away for a holiday then it is awesome not having internet. Have stuff you got to do but have no internet. Now that is a whole other story.

Think about it on an average day – how much time do you spend on the internet? Checking email, posting on social media, all stuff we didn’t have in the past but now we somehow can’t function without. Watch tv online? Well now you have no tv, no email, no contact with the outside world at all. Its absolute devastation to the core of your very being. My work requires me to work on the internet and spend a lot of time on it. Take internet away and boom. No way of working. It is very serious and problematic for me. Continue reading “The End of my World | My Story”

Latest Project: Company Rebrand | Jacqs Computers cc

Although my YouTube gaming has been keeping me busy I have found time for a company rebrand. I took on a project for Jacqs Computers cc. I have done some work for them before and collaborated on some blog posts in the past.

Before the rebrand

Jacqs Computers cc has been running for about 12 years now. Their logo worked for them so far but it was time for something new. Their slogan ‘Test the Best’ is something they pride themselves in and have always wanted to emphasize.

Original logo for Jacqs Computers cc
Original logo for Jacqs Computers cc

The re-brand

I equipped myself with all the important facts.

  1. Who is Jacqs Computers cc?
  2. What are their core values?
  3. How are they perceived in the market?
  4. What best represents them?

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Fun with The J Team – The Beginning

It all started when Jacques and I went wandering around a nearby mall. Whilst walking down the aisles in a toy store we noticed these really cool army guys and inspiration struck . What a great team they would make to help with all our IT. Yes they had been in the kids toy section but who’s judging? We had found our members for The J Team and would now be able to start our project.

Once home we started planning our first mission for the new team. Jacques had a PC that a client needed him to build. Who better to use then your own army to build a PC? We were right they were the perfect choice. We also proved that it takes an army to make your computer work and this army is the best. Jacqs Computers cc – Test The Best.

I have had fun creating the ‘J Team‘ and am looking forward to working with them again. Continue reading “Fun with The J Team – The Beginning”

The Advantages of Upgrading Your Computer

There are many advantages to upgrading your computer. Today we talk with Jacques about these advantages.

When do you need to upgrade?

When your computer is running slow and not handling your software anymore. Software can also get outdated and needs to be updated, in order to upgrade the software and stay current, you will need a more powerful computer. Continue reading “The Advantages of Upgrading Your Computer”

Desktop vs Laptop from Two Different Perspectives

I have written this post about the desktop vs laptop from two different perspectives. My perspective and Jacques’ the owner of Jacqs Computers cc.

I am a designer and Jacques is an I.T. guy. I am all for the laptop and Jacques for the desktop and we both share our perspectives with you.

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