New Look for Our Princess Meera Storybook

We have recently updated our style for the Princess Meera storybook series which gives a painted look to the storybook. Currently we are working on our second book of the series which will be ready in the near future.

Before and After storybook Cover

Our Storybook Inspiration

Our inspiration for the Princess Meera storybook series came from our Magic Pixel Mascot. She was always a magical cat that lived in the night sky so it was only fitting that she gets her own book.

I have always wanted to illustrate my own children’s storybook and was lucky enough to see this dream come to life. My business partner/mom is always writing content for our projects and wanted to write so we made our first book together. We have enjoyed the process of brainstorming and coming up with story-lines and illustrations for our book. Continue reading “New Look for Our Princess Meera Storybook”