Redbubble Designing Fun

It’s been so much fun coming up with new designs for my Redbubble store. Sometimes it can be a real drag though. Coming up with new designs that other people will love as much as I do can be really draining. I’ve come up with some great stuff but it’s not always ‘poof, magic’. There are times when I spend days trying to make something work, anything actually and it just doesn’t. Despite my best efforts I have absolutely nothing decent happening for me.

I’m not going to lie. It really does get to me because I know that I have great ideas. Some of my work makes me cringe when I look at it. No, seriously. I have created some seriously hideous stuff.

Lets start by looking at the good stuff. I want to end this post with a good laugh though. I am going to be sharing my work that never made the cut. Wondering why I would even consider sharing my fails? If I can’t laugh at myself then what’s the fun in that. As a designer I find that it’s very important to let go of perfectionism. There is no such thing. Every one has a bad day and when that happens go for a walk, come back and laugh. Like seriously when you see what you created with fresh eyes that’s all you can do, hahahaha.

My Redbubble Wins

I decided to start by sharing some of my wins. Those designs that leave you feeling good inside.

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Chibi style redbubblewins
Cute and foodie design redbubble wins

Redbubble Fails

Lion redbubble fail
Owl Redbubble fail