Hello, we are Blogging!

Welcome to our brand new Magic Pixel blog. This is not our first Magic Pixel blog though. After many years, we have decided that we are going to start blogging again.

We have changed so much in these past years and have started other businesses as well. From publishing books to creating fun designs on Redbubble. We no longer offer graphic design and web design services, we are however open to photography if the opportunity arises.

Business ventures:

New Leaf Holistic Healing

This is a holistic healing center focused on natural healing. Our treatments are enhanced with the use of mindfulness and meditation.

Want to learn more then head over to the website and blog.

Clean Slate Art Studio

Clean Slate is an art studio focused on children. We take a holistic approach to coaching and our art classes are therapeutic for children.

If you’re interested in bringing your children then make an appointment on the website.

Why are we Blogging again?

This is a great question. We absolutely love what we do and are wanting to share it with you. There is so much happening here at Magic Pixel. The only way to really share all of it with you is by blogging. Having expanded into different ventures it has become apparent that we have neglected our social media somewhat. It can be boring to only see advertising from us. This way you get to see behind the scenes. While we are working on a project you will be getting a front row seat to everything.

Our aim is to build a community around our business. If you want to see us working on any special projects, perhaps writing a book about a cat that can climb walls like a spider. Have you been wanting to wear a shirt with your adorable pet in a cute cartoon style? And you just can’t find the right one? Let us know and we will do our very best to make that happen for you.