My latest Series on YouTube

This is so exciting, I am becoming something of a director in this new series. The storyline, the video editing, I do it all. My characters do exactly what I want them to do, well most of the time anyway.

So who are the stars of this new series? Well they live in the Sim world I created in Newcrest. There is a reality TV series feel to it.

What inspired this series?

I have been playing Sims and enjoyed building houses and creating new Sims but wanted something more. I have some speed builds on my channel already. While watching TV the other day I was intrigued by how many reality TV shows there actually are. Continue reading “My latest Series on YouTube”

Fitbit Crazy

We have joined and are now hooked. There is no hope left!!!!!

The fitbit craze is not reserved for only us
The fitbit craze is not reserved for only us

Seeing Fitbits on special we decided to treat ourselves – only to see how many steps we actually do in a day – and join the current craze.

To start off it was friendly rivalry between the two of us to see who had the most steps by the end of the day. BUT!! Then I learnt how it all works and saw the 9 of 9 on the screen and why my Fitbit buzzed hourly.

I then checked constantly how my steps were progressing as the day wore on and we started comparing with each other and then with others. Continue reading “Fitbit Crazy”