Join me and my Pack on Niche

After starting my own youtube gaming channel and getting hooked on gaming I decided to look for something a bit different. I scrolled through the different games on Steam looking for a game that would really grab my attention. I stumbled across one in particular that had an awesome picture called Niche – a genetics survival game. I decided to do some research  as I didn’t want to get something before knowing more about the game.

Niche - a genetics survival game
Niche – a genetics survival game

I was immediately  attracted to this gripping game with it’s stunning graphics. The gameplay being so different to anything that I have ever played before. After deciding to get the demo and create a video to get feedback, I was hooked. The demo was great, really great. Here is the actual video of my demo gameplay.

I couldn’t deny that I was addicted to this game already and decided to get the early access game. Continue reading “Join me and my Pack on Niche”

Colouring Book for Graphic Designers

I am currently working on my first colouring book aimed at fellow graphic designers. I have enjoyed sourcing and putting the pages together as I have found it is not easy finding something to help us designers. Here is a sneak peek of my current progress. I hope that you will be inspired to give me your feedback.

The pages will be simple to print, colour and hang on your wall or keep in a file.

What is the point of a Graphic Designers colouring book?

  • To inspire you in your work
  • Help make good colour choices
  • A good reference for choosing colours
  • Have fun colouring in and learning or re-learning some colour points in graphic design

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Fun with The J Team – The Beginning

It all started when Jacques and I went wandering around a nearby mall. Whilst walking down the aisles in a toy store we noticed these really cool army guys and inspiration struck . What a great team they would make to help with all our IT. Yes they had been in the kids toy section but who’s judging? We had found our members for The J Team and would now be able to start our project.

Once home we started planning our first mission for the new team. Jacques had a PC that a client needed him to build. Who better to use then your own army to build a PC? We were right they were the perfect choice. We also proved that it takes an army to make your computer work and this army is the best. Jacqs Computers cc – Test The Best.

I have had fun creating the ‘J Team‘ and am looking forward to working with them again. Continue reading “Fun with The J Team – The Beginning”