Spreading our Wings and Flying into the Gaming World

I am super excited to share with you, my new gaming venture. Stepping into this new world of gameplay, starting with Zoo Tycoon is a big step into previously untouched lands. Continue reading “Spreading our Wings and Flying into the Gaming World”

Brand Spanking New Online Marketing Project

I am always very excited to share my new projects and this one has been an exceptionally great one for me. This month I started an online marketing campaign for Rand Bolt & Tool. It has been a great first month with them. Continue reading “Brand Spanking New Online Marketing Project”

The Battle of the Pens

Today I was writing with a ballpoint pen and was caught thinking about my dad and his passion for pens. Everything there is to know about pens my dad knows. He started collecting them as a child. I have always admired the way he writes with such a stunning hand writing that it doesn’t look real, everything perfectly spaced, every line and curve thought out and he writes with such elegant speed it has always fascinated me.

My dad has some beautiful pens of every kind. To get me started on my own journey of learning the art of calligraphy he gave me a few pens to practice with. Continue reading “The Battle of the Pens”

My Journey in Web Design

I absolutely love all aspects of design and originally started web design having no idea what I was doing and taking a short course in Web Design using Dreamweaver. I loved the course but you could really tell by the websites I was putting out that I was a full on amateur.

My determination never stopped though, Continue reading “My Journey in Web Design”

Adult Colouring Page – Progress on Floral Design

I am very excited to share this with you. Today I got a chance to start my adult colouring page using the floral design I created.

My first adult colouring page progress

Sapphire was far too eager to assist with getting my pencils and spreading them out so that I could see them all. I had to calm her down before she thought they were sticks and starting chewing them up. This would have been a rather tragic turn of events but luckily she decided that it was not sticks and that posing next to them would be more fun. She does make for Continue reading “Adult Colouring Page – Progress on Floral Design”

The Trusted Adult Colouring Books

Who remembers their childhood years with their trusted colouring books and crayons? I have taken up colouring as an adult after seeing how many adult colouring books are available.

Some of these can be really expensive and having looked through a few in book stores recently I’ve found that they Continue reading “The Trusted Adult Colouring Books”

Welcome to my all new blog

This is my first blog post and I would just like to give you a brief introduction.

My name is Diane Marais, I am a 25 year old designer/photographer.

I have a great love for creativity, animals and nature. My dog’s name is Sapphire, she is a Maltese Poodle of just over a year. She is a very active and playful pup.

Having grown up out of town I have been very lucky to have been able to travel and experience life. There are many great adventures still waiting for me out there.

Keep following my blog so I can take you with me on my adventures.